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Compared with the early disco lighting, LED dance floor is undoubtedly a revolution of new era.

With popularization film and television updating iteration technology, known to public. It now used in various activities, including magic weddings, exciting nightclubs, thrilling concerts, shopping center cool car shows, gorgeous stage performances, so on.



Major professional companies around world are also constantly seeking innovation. Chinese manufacturer - Huajun Craft Products Factory, while innovating all kinds luminous furniture, has made every effort technical research entertainment led boards meet growing demand global party scenes. 

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1.What is an led dance floor?

The lighting floor, usually called or colored panels tiles. Color LEDs illuminate modern floor.

In order achieve wide range colors, red, green blue used, solid square batteries.
Internal structure: bottom side reflective, but roof diffuses light obtain uniform color.

Therefore, the planners of bars, weddings, auto shows, and large-scale performances are very happy to use led stage boards to build the stage. It improves the elegance of the whole activity.


2.Are the products in the market very different?

Yes, there are great differences in the products of different factories.

Compared with other led stage boards, huajun has made great breakthroughs in materials and innovation.

PE imported from Thailand is used as raw material bearing capacity, waterproof effect, fireproof and environmental protection board. Colorful function is our main advantage.



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Post time: Jan-10-2023