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Led stage board believes that everyone has contact in the program and daily life. LED stage board has a variety of colors, which can achieve a colorful and beautiful effect visually. Generally, led stage boards are used in entertainment places for landscaping. So what is the led stage board? What is the installation method of led stage board?

1、 What is led stage board

In fact, led stage board is a special stage lighting design for different performance occasions. Whether it is a lighting dance floor, LED dance floor or disco dance floor, they are all floors with different color panels or tiles. It is mainly used to create a gorgeous atmosphere.

The led stage board is colorful, which is composed of three primary colors (R, G, B). It can display 16 colors, and can play magic colors and video effects.

dance floor

Huajun Craft Products Factory has designed different stage boards for customers with different needs according to different occasions. You can use the led stage board to create a stunning stage effect and ignite the atmosphere of the whole audience. Including led interactive stage board, led wedding stage board, led disco stage board,  Touch Control Led Dance Floor. At the same time, we support customization of led stage boards.



After understanding the led stage board, many foreign buyers worry about product installation problems. Our Huajun Craft Products Factory has special after-sales installation teaching services to solve the problem of stage board installation for you. The detailed installation tutorial is as follows:


2、 Installation method of led floor tile lamp

① Connecting the stage board cable

Lay the stage board on the ground according to the size of the stage board, and then connect the cables of the stage board together. The black cable is connected with the black cable of another stage board, and the white cable is connected with the white cable.

led dance floor 3

② Check

After connecting the two stage boards, you can turn on the power and check whether the stage boards are lit. After checking, the remaining stage boards can be connected.

③ Lights on.

After the LED stage board is safe, carefully check whether the circuit of the LED stage board is correct. After all aspects are correct, you can turn on the light again to check.

④ Precautions for installation.

When installing the led floor tile lamp, be sure to handle it with care. When installing, do not use heavy objects or hard objects to knock the floor tile and play to avoid damaging the led floor tile lamp. In case of any unnecessary accident, the supplier must be asked to handle it properly under special circumstances.

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Provide you with detailed video installation tutorial



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