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Garden lamplights are indispensable for adjusting the atmosphere and beautifying the environment. At night, garden lights create a romantic and warm atmosphere. The following is an introduction to the role of a garden lamp.


Courtyard lights serve the basic function of lighting the entire yard at night, ensuring the owner's and his family's safety.

2、Enrich the courtyard

Through the contrast of light and dark, the courtyard lighting highlights the landscape to be expressed in a background with low ambient brightness, attracting people's attention.

3.Add yard art

The decorative effect of courtyard lighting decoration can be used to decorate or strengthen the space through the shape of the lamp and the arrangement and combination of the lamps.

4、Create a sense of atmosphere

Using the combination of dots, lines and planes, it highlights the three-dimensional layering of the courtyard and creates a warm and beautiful atmosphere. The change of the light color matches the scenery of the courtyard, which can create a different courtyard atmosphere. For example, modern courtyard lighting generally uses white light, while pastoral courtyards use yellow warm light.

Providing a warm environment in the courtyard can allow people to calmly appreciate the surrounding environment while combining nature and architecture.

Type of yard light

The types of courtyard lamps mainly include floor lamps, wall lamps, lawn lamps, waterscape lamps, street lamps, etc. The choice of lamps should consider decorative, energy saving, environmental protection and safety issues.

Ground lamp

Garden ground lamp are generally designed to be installed in the ground for lighting and to facilitate walking at night. This kind of light is mainly installed on the road, square, small platform and other parts, used for ground lighting and landscaping, not commonly used in the courtyard.

Wall lamp

Wall wall lamp, this kind of lamp is mainly installed on the wall, steps, pillars and other parts. It is mainly installed in two ways: hanging and embedded, which is suitable for local specific area lighting.

LED Brick Lights 4

Lawn lamp

The purpose of lawn lights is usually to illuminate lawns or plants, which are especially beautiful at night under the light. Its height is generally between 0.5 and 1.2 meters, making it suitable for small spaces and local daylighting.

Water landscape lamp

Water lights are used to illuminate water features, such as waterfall, fountain, water outlet lights, and can also be used to light the bottom of the pool, which is easy to enjoy the garden at night.


Street lamp

This kind of lamp is similar to the high pole street lamp on both sides of the road in the community, and the height is generally 3-4 meters, which is suitable for courtyard lighting in large space.

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Post time: Jul-30-2022