Outdoor Garden Lights Custom

Outdoor Garden Lights Custom

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home, and it deserves just as much attention as your indoor living room. Installing outdoor garden lights custom can transform your backyard into a magical space, perfect for entertaining or relaxing after a long day. Here, we will explore how custom outdoor garden lights can set the tone for your backyard paradise.

Huajun Furniture Decoration Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier and manufacturer of outdoor garden lights wholesale in China, providing world-class customized services and discounted prices. Production and development of garden solar lights, garden decorative lights and ambience lamps. With 17 years of production experience, we are one of the top outdoor garden lights manufacturers in China. It has passed advanced technology certifications such as CE, FCC, RoHS, BSCI, and UL.

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Four Steps to Customizing Outdoor Garden Lights

If you have any ideas about Outdoor Garden Lights, we can help you achieve them to meet your need to illuminate your garden or courtyard.

Step 1:Obtain your customized requirements

Our professional designer team will tailor a specific implementation plan based on your customized needs in the first time.

Step 2: Prototyping

According to the requirements, conduct sample production and quality testing for your customized products. Please check and provide comments after receiving the physical samples.

Step 3: Bulk Production

Mass production will start after approving the prototype and getting the deposit, Normally will take 15 to 20 working days depending on the order quantity and complexity of the project.

Step4:Get QC Report, Approval Shipping

Each Outdoor Garden Light will undergo a comprehensive inspection before shipment, and you will receive our QC report to review each detail. We will ship after obtaining your approval.


Customize Your Outdoor Garden Lights

Express Your Style with Custom Outdoor Garden Lights

Custom outdoor garden lights come in a wide variety of designs and styles, allowing you to express your personal style through your outdoor lighting choices. From sleek and modern to rustic and charming, you can choose from an array of designs to create an outdoor space that reflects your personality and preferences.

Garden Solar Lights Custom: Illuminating Your Outdoor Space with Advantage

Outdoor spaces are wonderful for unwinding, entertaining guests or simply enjoying some peace and quiet. However, they can become dark and uninviting after the sun goes down. The good news is that garden solar lights custom can brighten up your outdoor space while providing several advantages.


1. Eco-Friendly

Solar lights draw energy from the sun and convert it into electricity, making them a renewable source of energy. They don't produce any harmful emissions, making them an eco-friendly and sustainable option. They are also incredibly cost-effective because they don't consume electricity from the grid.

2. Easy installation

Garden solar lights custom are incredibly easy to install. All you need to do is place them in areas that receive plenty of sunlight during the day, allowing them to charge up efficiently. They also come in various styles and designs, meaning that they can be tailored to fit any garden theme, making them an aesthetically pleasing and functional addition to your outdoor space.

3. Automatic operation

Solar lights come equipped with an automatic operation system that senses the absence of sunlight and turns the lights on automatically. They also turn off automatically when the sun rises or when enough charge hasn't been acquired, making these light fixtures low-maintenance.

4. Cost-effective

Garden solar lights custom are a cost-effective solution. Once they are installed, you won't have to pay another penny for electricity, which makes them an excellent long-term investment. With a little bit of sunlight every day, these lights will continue illuminating your outdoor space at night.

5. Increased Safety and Security

Adding solar lights to your garden will increase safety and security. They're an excellent way to light up your walkway or driveway and make sure people can see where they're going. Additionally, they will make your outdoor space less appealing to potential burglars or intruders, dissuading them from entering your property.

6. Functional Durability

Garden solar lights custom can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them more durable than traditional lighting options. This means that you don't have to worry about replacing them or repairing them when they break down.

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Garden Decorative Lights Custom - The Advantages of Having Them

If you're looking to add some charm and elegance to your garden, then custom decorative lights are the perfect solution. Garden decorative lights come in a wide range of styles and designs, which can be customized according to your preferences. From portable outdoor lights to string lights,
courtyard lights and floor tile lights, garden decorative lights can set the tone for a beautiful and welcoming environment.

1. add life to your garden during the night time
As the sun sets, your garden will light up with these elegant lights, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Imagine walking through a garden with beautiful lights, the subtle shine of these lights in the dark will lead the way and make everything around you more magical.

2.a great way to enhance the beauty of your garden
They add decorative value to your garden by highlighting specific areas, such as your flower beds, trees, and water features. With the right custom lighting options, you can create beautiful and unique combinations that fit the overall look and feel of your garden.

3. an excellent security feature
Garden decorative lights can deter intruders and provide ample lighting for CCTV cameras to capture any suspicious activity. Whether you're indoors or outdoors, these beautiful lights will make you feel safer and more secure.

4. easy to install and maintain
With the help of a professional electrician, you can set up the perfect lighting system for your garden in no time. Some lights might require simple maintenance to keep them functioning optimally, but the majority of garden decorative lights don't need much maintenance.

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Ambience Lights Custom: The Advantages of Outdoor Bluetooth Light Speaker

Outdoor parties, barbecue gatherings, or simply lounging in your yard will never be complete without the perfect ambiance. And if you want to take it up a notch, the Ambience Lights Custom outdoor Bluetooth light speaker is the ideal choice. Here are a few reasons why:

The Ambience Lights Custom Bluetooth light speaker can be used indoors and outdoors, making it an excellent addition for those who love to host parties. With its waterproof capability, the device is perfect for pool parties, beach trips or any occasion. The sound quality of the speaker is also top-notch, allowing everyone to hear the music clearly.

One of the things that set Ambience Lights Custom apart from other brands is its customizability. You can choose from various lighting setups; a flickering candle light or a soft glow to create a relaxing ambiance. The custom lighting makes the experience unique, making the setting extra special for your guests.

As mentioned earlier, the Ambience Lights Custom outdoor Bluetooth light speaker has an excellent sound quality. Apart from playing music, the device can also be used for watching movies. If you think it's too dark outside to watch a film, this device can light up your outdoor space and give you a better view.

4.Easy to Use
The Ambience Lights Custom outdoor Bluetooth light speaker is easy to use. With the Bluetooth connectivity feature, you can easily pair it with your phone or tablet, allowing you to play music from your device. It is portable and lightweight, making it easy to move from one location to the other.

If you are concerned about space and budget, the Ambience Lights Custom outdoor Bluetooth light speaker is perfect for you. Instead of spending on a separate lighting fixture and speaker, you can get both in one device. It also saves up space, allowing you to have multiple speakers and DIY projects.


Outdoor Bluetooth floor lamp

honeywell led outdoor light with bluetooth speaker

Outdoor Bluetooth Colorful Floor Lamp


Outdoor Bluetooth large capacity ice bucket

light up bluetooth speaker

Outdoor Bluetooth Music Atmosphere Light

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Your Outdoor Garden Lights Supplier

CE & RoSH Audited Solar Garden Light

HUAJUN, a professional Outdoor Garden Lights manufacturer, has been approved by CE and RoHS certifications.

Manufacture Test Certificate

We will issue a testing certificate for each order before shipment. Make sure to the Outdoor Garden Lights to meet chemical composition standards and performance standards.


100% Quality Complaint

HUAJUN has an advanced in-house quality testing lab, QC inspection team, 100% inspected Outdoor Garden Lights before shipment, Guarantee the product quality, and eliminates your concerns.


Fast Delivery

HUAJUN keeps stable delivery time 25 days or less. We have sets of production equipment and testing system that ensure your delivery date. Even in peak season, we can catch the delivery time. There will be no delay.

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Couldn’t find what you looking for?

Generally, there are stocks of Outdoor Garden Lights or raw materials in our warehouse. But if you have special demand, we also provide customization service. We also accept OEM/ODM. We could print your logo or brand name on Outdoor Garden Lights.

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Why Choose Outdoor Garden Lights

Outdoor garden lights are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who hope to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of outdoor spaces. If you want to know why you're investing in outdoor garden lights, then you're in the right place. Huajun has been specializing in the production of LED outdoor garden lights for 17 years, with rich cross-border trading experience and resources. Here, you can enjoy the peace of mind outdoor garden lighting customization service. Wholesale customized outdoor garden lights offer many advantages:

Improve the aesthetics of your home's appearance.With the appropriate lighting type, you can highlight the unique characteristics of the garden and add warmth and radiance to your outdoor space. This not only provides a welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests, but also increases the roadside appeal and overall value of your home.

Functional diversity.By adding lighting to outdoor spaces, you can extend the use of the garden until evening. Whether you enjoy entertaining guests, reading books, or just relaxing outdoors, garden lights can provide necessary lighting to make these activities possible.


Strengthen the security of your home.By illuminating your outdoor space, you can prevent potential intruders and make it easier to see any potential hazards, such as uneven terrain or tripping hazards.

choose a lighting type that suits your needs and preferences. Some popular choices include solar lights, LED lights, and halogen lights.

consider the location and positioning of the garden lights. You need to ensure that your lighting is evenly distributed throughout the entire garden and does not generate any unnecessary glare or shadows.


In short, there are many reasons why you should choose outdoor garden lights. From its aesthetic appeal and functional advantages to safety features, garden lights are a wise investment that can greatly improve the aesthetics and functionality of outdoor spaces. By choosing high-quality and durable lighting, and carefully selecting the location and positioning of lighting fixtures, you can create a warm and cozy outdoor environment that you and your guests can enjoy in the coming years.

Why Choose Us As Your Outdoor Garden Lights Supplier In China

Huajun is an Outdoor Garden Lights manufacturer in China, established in 2005, specializing in Outdoor Garden Lights. The company covers an area of 9000 square meters and employs about 92 people. We make Outdoor Garden Lights for customers from all over the world. In order to meet customer needs, we support customization. 

Best Quality.  We have rich experience in the manufacture, design, and application of Outdoor Garden Lights, and served more than 210 customers worldwide.

Competitive Price.  we have an absolute advantage in the cost of raw materials. Under the same quality, our price is generally 10%-30% lower than the market.

After-sale service.  We provide a 2/3/5 years guarantee policy. And all costs will be on our account within guarantee periods if issues are caused by us.

Fast Delivery time.  We have the best shipping forwarder, available to do Shipping by Air express, sea, and even door-to-door service.

Custom:  OEM/ ODM/ SKD order acceptable.

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Our production process

The production process

Our work environment


Our Exhibition


Have a Special Requirement?

We accept OEM/ODM. We could print your Logo or brand name on the Outdoor Garden Lights body. For an accurate quotation, you need to tell us the following information:


Please tell us requirements for size; IP Grade; and if need to add extra function such as weight, battery powered, or plugged in ; one color transform or multiple color transforms etc.


No MOQ limit. But for the Max quantities, it will help you get the cheaper price. More quantity ordered, the lower price you could get.


Tell us your application or detail information for your projects. We can offer you the best choice, meanwhile, our engineers can give you more suggestions under your budget.

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Garden Solar Lights:The Ultimate Guide

Are you still worrying about how to decorate your outdoor space? Are you still struggling with which type of outdoor garden light to buy? Are you still struggling with how to arrange outdoor garden lights after purchasing them in Huajun? Looking at it, the ultimate guide on outdoor garden lighting will help you make wise decisions.

1. Types of outdoor garden lights

When looking for outdoor garden lights, the first thing you should consider is the type that suits your garden needs. There are various types, including solar lights, LED lights, and low-voltage lights. Solar lamps are the most environmentally friendly because they use solar energy to charge the battery during the day and light up at night. LED lights are energy-efficient and almost non heating, making them perfect for gardens with exquisite plants. Low voltage lamps are also very energy-saving and have a long service life, making them a popular choice for most homeowners. No matter what kind of lighting you choose, Huajun can provide you with a source of goods.

2. Consider the use of outdoor garden lights

The second factor to consider when purchasing outdoor garden lights is their purpose. Do you want to highlight specific garden features or create an overall atmosphere? If you want to highlight certain features, such as plants, trees, or sculptures, you can consider using directional lights. If you want to create an overall atmosphere, you can consider our string lights or column lights.

3. Consider the style and material of outdoor garden lights

The third factor to consider when purchasing outdoor garden lights is style and materials. Outdoor garden lights come in different styles, such as traditional, modern, or rural. Choose a style that is consistent with the garden theme and personal preferences. In addition, the material of outdoor garden lights should also be considered. Most outdoor garden lights are made of aluminum, brass, copper, or stainless steel. Each material has its unique characteristics. But the lighting materials of Huajun are different from traditional materials, and we use PE plastic as the raw material. Compared to other materials, it is more waterproof and fireproof, durable and environmentally friendly, and has a longer service life. Therefore, we suggest that you use outdoor decorative lights made of PE material.

4. Location and location

The fourth factor to consider when installing outdoor garden lights is their location and location. Choose the location and location of outdoor garden lights wisely based on their intended use. For example, it is recommended to place aisle lights on the sidewalks of the garden to ensure safety and facilitate navigation. In addition, place the spotlight near the feature you want to highlight and place lights along the perimeter of the garden for overall illumination.

5. Maintenance

The fifth and final factor to consider is the maintenance of outdoor garden lights. Even the best outdoor garden lights require regular maintenance, such as replacing bulbs or cleaning lights. Consider purchasing outdoor garden lights with easily replaceable bulbs or easily cleaned fixtures.

In short, outdoor garden lights are a great way to add beauty, atmosphere, safety, and security to your garden space. When choosing the best outdoor garden light, consider the type, purpose, style and materials, location and placement, and maintenance. Considering these factors, you can easily choose the best outdoor garden lights to complement the beauty of the garden.


1. What are outdoor garden lights?

Outdoor garden lights are lighting fixtures specifically designed for use in outdoor settings such as the garden, patio, or yard. They provide ample light to outdoor spaces to enhance visibility, provide safety, and create an ambiance.

2. What types of outdoor garden lights are available?

There are various types of outdoor garden lights available. Some examples include path lights, spotlights, floodlights, string lights, lanterns, and wall-mounted lights.

3. How do I install outdoor garden lights?

Installation procedures for outdoor garden lights vary depending on the type of lighting fixture. Path lights and string lights can be easily installed by simply placing them in the desired locations, while wall-mounted lights require wiring and professional installation.

4. What are the benefits of installing outdoor garden lights?

Outdoor garden lights offer many benefits, including increased safety, heightened security, added beauty, and the ability to entertain guests or host outdoor gatherings after dark.

5. How do I maintain my outdoor garden lights?

Proper maintenance of outdoor garden lights includes regular cleaning, inspecting wires and connections, replacing bulbs, and ensuring the light fixture is securely attached.

6. What are some factors to consider when choosing outdoor garden lights?

When choosing outdoor garden lights, it's essential to consider factors such as the location of the light source, the purpose of the light, what type of bulb the fixture requires, and the overall style and design of the fixture.

7. Can outdoor garden lights enhance the value of my property?

Yes, outdoor garden lights can increase the value of your property as they add aesthetic appeal and functionality to outdoor spaces.

8. Can outdoor garden lights be eco-friendly?

Yes, outdoor garden lights can be eco-friendly by utilizing LED bulbs, solar power, and other energy-efficient technologies.

9. Where can I purchase outdoor garden lights?

Outdoor garden lights can be purchased from various retailers, including home improvement stores, online marketplaces, and specialized lighting stores.

10. How do I troubleshoot issues with my outdoor garden lights?

Common issues with outdoor garden lights include dimming or flickering lights, blown bulbs, and faulty connections. Troubleshooting these issues involves checking the wiring and connections, replacing bulbs, and ensuring the light fixture is correctly installed and positioned.

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