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Learn how to make a lighting flower pot step by step!You want your backyard or garden to look inviting and comfortable. Glowing flower POTS are a great way to make your garden or backyard romantic, inviting and emotionally calming. They are versatile, weather-resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

First, make sure you get the tools and materials to make it.

  1. Translucent Planter
  2. White Planter Pot (one size smaller than the translucent planter)
  3. Glow lamp panel and controller
  4. Drill
  5. Screws
  6. Gravels and soil

1. Arrange a Translucent flower pot

Buy or use an old flowerpot, If you use old POTS, you need to grind the edges to ensure that the POTS are smooth and flat.And the flower pot has a strong light transmission, otherwise it will affect the brightness of the flower pot. Test its transmittance with a flashlight.

2. Smaller Planter

You need an extra pot. It should be one size smaller than the first one. Put the small pot in the middle of the big one

3. Drill And Connect the line

Drill a hole in one side of the cauldron with a drill bit. So you create a channel for the wire.Connect controller from channel to LAMP Panel.Make sure you move the wires and the light tray inside, leaving only the controller outside.


4. Screws

Once the wires are connected, secure them together with wire nuts so they don't come loose. Then fold them neatly and put them in a junction box. Make sure all the wires are in the box. Then secure the light plate to prevent it from falling down


5. Add Gravels  And Soil

If the smaller planter turns out to be a little short for the project, add gravels to the bigger one to give small pot some height.

6. Arrange the Pots

Put the smaller pot into the bigger one carefully without damaging the light rope. Add soil and plants!Then seal the gap between the large pot and the small pot with foam glue

7. Plug in the power supply

Make sure the fixed wire of the lamp tray in the pot is properly connected to the wire of the controller. Connect the power supply with USB cable and turn on the controller.

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