LED Table Lamp

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LED Smart Table Lamp Wholesale

Remote control waterproof rechargeable table lamps for home. Suitable for Home Garden Bar KTV Hotel Patio pool, etc. We work, read, enjoy hot drinks, and have a good conversation… in many situations, a portable battery powered lamp will be your lifesaver. They will accompany you to any corner of the house. At the same time, they make a great gift for any occasion. Huajun is the most professional lighting wholesale manufacturer in China, with more than 15 years of customized and wholesale business. Since 2005, we have started to export furniture lamps and become a wholesale supplier of home lamps. We have 9000 square meters of home lighting manufacturing plants, and now we have three plants in Guangdong, China. With our service and professionalism, We are striving to become one of the world's leading home lighting suppliers. If you have more artworks or information of your projects to share with us, please send it to br1@cn-brave.com