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Traffic and Signal Lighting Poles;We can make them in just about any size to fit your specific needs.

Integrating the effective flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic across the same roads, intersections and pathways is an ever-evolving challenge. That’s why you need traffic signal structures that perform—day in, and day out—without a second thought. You need structures that are simple, functional, durable, meticulously crafted and enhance the environment where they are installed. You need LED Traffic Light Pole. We start with your vision—anything from simple and functional to elaborate and decorative. Then, we transform that concept to reality, incorporating craftsmanship, durability and visual appeal into a traffic signal structure that exceeds your expectations. Rarely does the need stop at traffic signal structures. That is why you can also count on HUAJUN to offer solutions.

Product Features

Application :

Projections from New Modern Traffic Lighting Poles at night give the streets a beautiful look and are easily visible to car owners in dark or bad weather, reducing many Traffic accidents.

Color change:

LED Illuminated Traffic Signal Light Pole, red, yellow, green, color adjustment, make your operation more convenient, more unique decoration.

Imported materials :

Traffic lights imported from Thailand PE material, waterproof, high temperature resistance, not easy deformation, anti aging, anti ultraviolet, dust, rust.

Convenient installation:

This LED Traffic lights is easy to install, do not need additional external power supply, can be directly connected to the original traffic signal lamp terminal block, both convenient and ensure that the traffic signal lamp display at the same time.


Huajun co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in outdoor indoor lighting and traffic light design, can produce customized products you need. There are spot 7-10 days fast delivery, to ensure your good shopping experience, please rest assured to buy!



LED Traffic Pole Light 28
LED Traffic Pole Light 29

Product Features

Design is not just what it looks and feels like; design is how it works. We also construct custom decorative signal poles built to match the designer’s vision. From decorative bases to custom colors, the only limit is your imagination. Decorative signal poles are available with round, octagonal, sixteen sided or fluted shafts & mast-arms.

Size 400*250cm Weight 50kg
Uv protection level 8 IP Rating IP67
Color 16 RGB colors Power 150W
Light Type Color Changing LED Voltage AC110-220V/DC24V
Safety Listing CE/RoHS/UL/ SCS/ FCC Certified  Application Road, street
Control  Remote control & Manual Style   Illuminated Traffic Signal Light Pole


LED Traffic Pole Light 27
LED Traffic Pole Light 23


how tall is a traffic light pole?

30 feet

Traffic Signals & Lighting Poles

Choose from tapered and non-tapered pole designs and heights of up to 30 feet (9 meters).

traffic light pole dimensions

NJDOT detail for aluminum pole and mast arm for traffic light signal Outside Signal Light Head (S1), w = 23.5 in, H = 50.5 in, D = 12 in, Vertical area, Av = (23.5x50.5)/144 = 7.96 ft2 Horizontal, Ah = (12x23.5)/144 = 1.27 ft2 Outside signal head is located at L= 25 ft (max possible location) Inside Signal Head (S2), w = 19.5 in, H = 40.5 in, D = 8 in, Vertical area, Av = (19.5x40.5)/144 = 5.48 ft2 Vertical area, Ah = (8x19.5)/144 = 1.08 ft2 Inside signal head is located at L = 12.5 ft Mast Arms, Elliptical shape, Long Dimension = 6 in Vertical Pole, Cd = 1.1 Mast Arm, Cd = 1.1

traffic light pole material

Made from concrete, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), steel and wood LED materials. Traffic signal, sign and decorative poles are available.

traffic light pole cost

The average street light pole cost ranges from $2,000 to $3,000, not including installation. The installation cost depends on the city, but the average is somewhere around $1,000. Street light poles are more complicated to install and considerably larger.

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