How To Set Up Solar Garden Lights |Huajun

1. Find the best installation location

First, you need to find the best location for solar garden lights. This location needs to receive sufficient sunlight during the day in order to provide sufficient light at night. It is recommended to choose an area without trees or other tall objects blocking sunlight and without lighting.

2. Excavation of flower beds

After selecting the location, it is necessary to prepare the land and dig some shallow pits or flower beds to ensure that the solar garden light can be firmly inserted into the ground. This requires ensuring that the lighting fixtures can stand steadily and withstand continuous wind and vibration.

Huajun Lighting Factory is a factory specializing in the production of outdoor lighting. We have plug-in solar lights (stable and not swaying), PE solar lights (emitting evenly), rattan solar lights (with good light and shadow effects), solar street lights (with a wide lighting range), and more. You can customize according to your preferences and needs.

3. Install solar panels

Install the solar panels of the solar garden lamp on the ground to receive sufficient sunlight. If you are installing a solar street lamp, the solar panels are usually welded directly to the lamp post.

The solar lighting produced by Huajun Outdoor Lighting Factory has great advantages, as it can continue to light up for about three days after being fully charged.

4. Install solar lighting fixtures

Once the solar panel is installed, the lighting fixtures of the solar garden light need to be connected to the panel. This usually involves leading wires out of the battery board and inserting them into the bottom of the lamp. After installation, place the lamp in a flower bed or dug shallow pit.

5. Waiting for Night to Fall

Once night falls, you can see the icing on the cake brought by solar garden lights. If they do not start working automatically, you need to check if the lights are fully charged and if the connections are tight.

6. Regular maintenance

Finally, it is necessary to pay attention to regular maintenance of solar garden lights. Ensure that the solar panels are not obstructed or contaminated to fully absorb sunlight. In addition, every few months you need to dig some shallow pits again or tidy up the flower bed, and check if all connections and wiring are intact.

When night falls, you can sit in the garden and enjoy the natural and beautiful lighting. Installing solar garden lights correctly may be a challenge, but when you finish, you will find them worth it. Finally, a reminder is to regularly maintain solar garden lights to ensure they are long-lasting and perform at their best. I hope this article from Huajun Lighting Decoration Factory will provide assistance and guidance for your future installation of solar garden lights.

Post time: May-17-2023