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The porch lights on your home contribute to its curb appeal. But how to choose a porch light that is practical, stylish, and durable? To help you narrow down and choose the best light fixtures for your porch, there are some often overlooked factors you may want to keep in mind.

1.Choose color temperature

Additionally, porch lighting serves as security lighting in the yard at night as well as creating the right atmosphere. Color temperature ensures that your yard is always well-lit without compromising aesthetics. A bulb's color temperature is important, and the best color temperature will depend on your landscape setup and your personal preferences.

Low color temperature lamps and high color temperature lamps have different color temperatures. Low-color temperature bulbs add ambience and security to the exterior of your home after dark. You can choose high color temperature bulbs to showcase your residential or commercial landscaping and add security at the same time. One of the most important ways to keep potential thieves out of your home or business.

2.Choose the right materials

You should pay special attention to the material of your light fixture in order to ensure it is durable enough for your entryway. Huajun's lamps are all made of imported PE plastics, which can be used normally under extreme temperature, sun exposure, ice and snow, high humidity, dust and other environmental factors. It is recommended that you purchase and use a lamp designed for outdoor use as it will last for a long time.

3.Doors and installation positions

Where you install light fixtures on your porch also matters. In addition to the home entry door, the front porch has screen doors, storm doors, and shutters. In order to avoid colliding with the suspension or hitting the wall light, the swing of the door must be carefully positioned.

4.Attract bugs

Warm LED lights attracted the least number of aerial insects, while incandescent light bulbs attracted the most. Warm white is also a good color temperature if you want to avoid battling flying insects when you sit outside at night. By installing proper porch lighting making your home more attractive and reducing unnecessary hassles.

Whether you are looking to boost the aesthetics of your porch area or improve on security, there is a color light that caters to either of those elements or both at the same time. A warm white light will give you the best of both worlds by enhancing security and improving the atmosphere and aesthetics of your space. 

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Post time: Sep-21-2022