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See, best solar powered street lights! Solar street lights have become very popular in recent years. As a result, the demand for high quality best outdoor solar street lights has also increased. Huajun Craft Products Factory is a professional manufacturer of outdoor decorative lighting. We have rich experience in the production and manufacturing of solar street lights. Our best solar powered street lights have the advantages of quality and price service. You can customize the size and lighting effect of the lamps according to your needs!

  • Name: solar LED Street Light
  • Model: HJ3110K3/HJ3110K3R
  • Size(cm): 60*60*350
  • Packing size(cm)): 23*23*405/62*62*50
  • W.G(KG): 26
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    Size 60*60*350cm Packag
    Lamp pole: 1SET, woven tape packaging Lamp body: 1pc/CTN
    Specific Use Garden Set IP Rating IP68
    Material Thailand import PE Packing size(cm) Lamp pole:23*23*405Lamp body:62*62*50
    Color 16 RGBW colors/ warm white LED light Instructions  Inside RGB+W LEDS,16 colors change by remote control,with battery ,with Solar
    Solar  DC15V LEDS DC12V
    Control  Remote control & Manual Battery DC12V 

    I.Product Features

    1. Imported material

    The shell is made of PE material imported from Thailand, which is safe, odorless, stable, and durable. At the same time, the shell made of this material can ensure uniform luminescence and better lighting effects. It has IP67-68 waterproof function and is suitable for outdoor use. 

    2. Lighting changes

    This customized best street solar light is equipped with a warm white LED light with a high brightness setting to meet your lighting needs. You can also choose to have built-in RGB+white LED. This style comes in 16 colors and can be changed through a remote control. Our solar street lights come with batteries and solar panels.

    3. Lithium battery

    LED lights are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which are both energy-saving and bright. The battery specifications for the lighting fixtures at Huajun Crafts Factory are 12V and 1800MAH. In other words, after four hours of charging, the LED can emit light for up to 10 hours.

    4. Charging+solar storage

    This customized commercial best solar street light outdoor with a USB charging interface. You can choose to manually charge or directly place it outdoors to use the solar charging function. Solar is 15V, Battery is 12V.

    5. Light controlled switch, convenient and fast

    The internal light sensing system automatically turns off charging during the day and lights up at night. The design of this light controlled switch is more convenient and practical.

    6. PE super waterproof material

    The lampshade size is 60 * 60cm, with a unique design that supports customization. At the beginning of the design, we used PE as the raw material for the lampshade to meet the outdoor use needs of street lamps. At the same time, when assembling the inner lamp, add a waterproof ring to increase the waterproof effect of the lamp body.

    Resources | Quick Screen Your Solar Street Lights Needs

    voltage:DC12V 180 RGB LEDS 36W

    Sizes:50*50*420 cm

    Power AC110-220V/DC12V 6A

    Sizes:42*42*350 cm

    Power AC110-22-V /DC12v 6A

    Sizes:115*42*350 cm

    Power AC110-220V/DC12V 6A

    Sizes:40*40*300 cm


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Need help? Be sure to visit our support forums for answers to your questions!

    1. What is a solar street light?

    A solar street light is a lighting system that harnesses energy from sunlight to provide illumination on streets and public areas.  The system usually includes a solar panel, battery, LED lights, and components for charging and controlling the lights.

    2. How do solar street lights work?

    Solar street lights work by absorbing energy from the sun during the day through the solar panel, which is then stored in the battery.  When nighttime arrives, the battery discharges the stored energy to power the LED lights.



    3. What benefits do solar street lights offer?

    Solar street lights offer numerous benefits, including a reduction in electricity costs, a lower carbon footprint, and a longer lifespan compared to traditional street lighting.  They also require less maintenance and are easy to install.

    4. Can solar street lights work in all weather conditions?

    Yes, solar street lights can work in all weather conditions, including rainy, cloudy, and overcast days.  However, the amount of energy generated may be affected by weather conditions.


    5. What is the lifespan of a solar street light?

    The lifespan of a solar street light can vary depending on the quality of components used and the amount of maintenance provided.  Generally, a high-quality solar street light can last up to 25 years or more.


    6. How can I determine the right solar street light for my area?

    To determine the right solar street light for your area, you need to consider the amount of sunlight available in your location, the desired light intensity, and the number of hours of illumination needed.  You can consult with a professional or use online calculators to guide you in choosing the appropriate solar street light.


    7. Can solar street lights be customized to fit specific needs?

    Yes, solar street lights can be customized to fit specific needs.  Some customization options include adjustable lighting intensity, motion sensors for increased security, remote control capabilities, and options for different colors and styles.


    8. Are solar street lights cost-effective?

    Yes, solar street lights are cost-effective in the long run.  While they may have a higher initial cost than traditional lighting systems, they require lower maintenance, are more energy-efficient, and do not rely on electricity from the grid, which reduces overall costs.


    9. Can solar street lights be used in remote areas without access to electricity?

    Yes, solar street lights can be used in remote areas without access to electricity.  They are a practical and sustainable solution for providing lighting in such areas since they do not require a connection to the grid.


    10. How can I install a solar street light system?

    The installation of a solar street light system requires expertise and knowledge of electrical and construction work.  It is recommended to consult with a professional to ensure a proper and safe installation.


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         We have our own factory, has more than 17 years of production experience in this industry, our factory has a professional team, from “product research and development, spare parts supply, professional production line, professional quality testing” four key processes layer upon layer check, improve the quality supervision system.

         In terms of packaging, we cooperate with a number of trusted packaging manufacturers in China, and can customize the packaging materials or styles.

         We can meet your wholesale lighting supplies needs, if you need to customize your products, we can well meet your needs

    Production and packaging

    We are a manufacturer of lighting products, and have been in the industry for more than 17 years, we have customized more than 2000 different types of imported plastic lighting products for foreign customers, so we are confident to meet your customized needs.

    The following figure clearly illustrates the order and import process. If you read carefully, you will see that the order process is well designed to ensure that your interests are well protected. And the quality of the lamp is exactly what you want


    We can also design the LOGO you want very well. Here are some of our LOGO designs

    Many of our custom products can further make your space unique by adding custom finishes or applying your backlit brand logo and design on the side or top. We can engrave your logo or print your high quality graphics onto most furniture surfaces and much more. Make your space unique!


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