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The emperor shines for thousands of years, reflecting the long street. decorative solar street lights manufacturersHuajun Lighting Lighting Factory, provides customized all in one solar street light solutions for you. Whether in the city streets or in the countryside alleys, our solar lights can bring you endless charm and lighting experience. We offer customized appearance and logo printing of solar street lights, and provide you with installation technical services after your purchase to ensure a hassle-free buying experience. Whether you choose our decorative solar street lights for city beautification, landscape lighting or security needs, we will provide you with the best solution.

  • Name: LED rounded lamp
  • Item: HJ830D2
  • Size(cm): 50*50*420
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    I.Product Details

    Product Details

    Item       HJ830D2
    Size(cm) 50*50*420
    Packing size(cm) Body:25*25*420(without cartons)
    Base:52*52*20(without cartons)
    W.G(kg) Body:42
    voltage DC12V 180 RGB LEDS 36W 
    Battery DC12V 39600MA 
    charger AC110-220V/DC12V2A
    Instructions Inside RGB LEDS,16 colors change by remote control (,with battery,  with charger)
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    2.Product Advantages Introduction

    1. Stable and durable

    Huajun Lighting Factory has been focusing on the production and development of outdoor garden lighting for 17 years and is known for its good reputation. Our solar street lights are made of plastic polyethylene as raw material, and the light shell is waterproof, fireproof and UV resistant. At the same time, this material has better and more uniform light transmission.

    For outdoor street lamps, you need to ensure that their service life is long, Huajun production of street lamps can ensure that the surface of the lamp shell will not be weathered and yellowed for 15-20 years. We promise that if there is any quality problem with the goods, we will replace the goods, and firmly protect the rights and interests of customers.

    2. New design, new concept

    The appearance of this solar street light does not agree with the ordinary solar street lights on the market. The through-body light-emitting properties are more in line with commercial decorative lighting. Installation of RGB 16 colors solar street light in large squares and tourist areas can attract the attention of tourists. Sightseeing tour area to get hot popularity, need color to light up!

    3.Environmentally Friendly

    Our street lights are connected to solar panels, which can be converted into electricity by sunlight, saving costs and being more environmentally friendly at the same time. In addition, the built-in battery can also be charged by USB. If you have other ideas, please contact us. Our professional R&D team will provide solutions for you.

    4.Versatile modeling

    The best feature of this street light is that the mounting base is adjustable. You can adjust the tilt angle of the street light according to the design requirements. The left and right tilt angle range is 60-70 degrees.

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    Illuminate your beautiful outdoor space with our premium quality garden lights!

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         We have our own factory, has more than 17 years of production experience in this industry, our factory has a professional team, from “product research and development, spare parts supply, professional production line, professional quality testing” four key processes layer upon layer check, improve the quality supervision system.

         In terms of packaging, we cooperate with a number of trusted packaging manufacturers in China, and can customize the packaging materials or styles.

         We can meet your wholesale lighting supplies needs, if you need to customize your products, we can well meet your needs

    Production and packaging

    We are a manufacturer of lighting products, and have been in the industry for more than 17 years, we have customized more than 2000 different types of imported plastic lighting products for foreign customers, so we are confident to meet your customized needs.

    The following figure clearly illustrates the order and import process. If you read carefully, you will see that the order process is well designed to ensure that your interests are well protected. And the quality of the lamp is exactly what you want


    We can also design the LOGO you want very well. Here are some of our LOGO designs

    Many of our custom products can further make your space unique by adding custom finishes or applying your backlit brand logo and design on the side or top. We can engrave your logo or print your high quality graphics onto most furniture surfaces and much more. Make your space unique!


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