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With the increasing requirements of modern life, the shape of street lamps is becoming more and more beautiful, and the use of materials is becoming more and more abundant. Street lights are widely used in various urban roads, city squares, schools, parks, scenic roads, rural roads, etc. Through the following content, you will learn about the production materials of modern street lamps and how to choose the right street lamps. Depending on environmental needs and financial budget, there are different options.

I.Common Street Lamp Types

1.1Iron lamppost

The advantages of iron lamp posts are high strength and durability. Iron is easy to manufacture, has a short construction period, has good plasticity, and is easy to add pattern decoration. The disadvantage of iron lamp post is that it is easy to corrode, the weight is three times that of aluminum, the transportation and installation costs are high, and frequent maintenance is required after installation.


1.2Cement lamp

The raw materials of cement and materials such as sand, stone, and water are extremely common and abundant in nature, and the cost is low. The advantages of cement lamp posts are good strength, strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and can be well adapted to coastal cities with humid, rainy and high salt content. The disadvantages of cement lamp posts are high weight, expensive transportation and no recycling value.


1.3Aluminium alloy lamp post

Aluminum alloy lamp posts have the advantages of corrosion resistance, less maintenance, easy processing, light weight, convenient transportation and installation, etc. Aluminum alloys have high corrosion resistance and are ideal for installations in extreme weather. Especially the aluminum alloy lamp post is treated with protective non-corrosive powder coating, which can be used for more than 50 years without any damage. Aluminum alloys are recyclable and preferred by most countries.

1.4Fiberglass lamp post

FRP lamp posts are light in weight, high in strength and corrosion resistant. Fiberglass is an excellent preservative against air, water, acids, alkalis and salts in general concentrations, as well as various oils and solvents. Therefore, FRP light poles can be well adapted to coastal cities with wet, rainy and high salt content.

1.5PE plastic personalized solar lights

The translation of PE material is actually polyethylene. It is a thermoplastic resin formed after ethylene is reborn. It has no smell or toxicity, and has a waxy touch to the touch. Polyethylene has the characteristics of good flexibility, environmental protection, wear resistance, UV protection, strong corrosion resistance, light weight and convenient transportation.

The PE plastic lamp post has a good decorative effect, and its brilliant colors and novel and fashionable design attract the attention of young people. Another feature is that it is waterproof, allowing it to function properly even in extreme weather. It has a constant voltage, constant temperature and constant current design, which is not easy to burn out due to unstable voltage.

II.How to choose the right street lamp

2.1Select a value based on the environment requirements

1)What extreme weather will the lamp post withstand. If it is in a coastal city with high temperature, humidity, rain and high salt content, it is recommended not to choose iron lampposts and cement lampposts, which are prone to corrosion and high maintenance costs.

2)Determine the placement area of the lamp post. If it is used in the courtyard, there is no need to worry too much about corrosion and transportation collisions. Most lamp posts are optional because maintenance is easier. If you use it on the road, you need to consider the durability, high strength, installation and transportation issues of the lamp post, as well as later maintenance issues. It is recommended to use aluminum alloy lamp posts, glass fiber reinforced plastic lamp posts and PE plastic lamp posts.

2.2Consider your budget

How much are you willing to pay for a lamppost? Answering this question will help you choose the right lamp post. If money is never an issue, choose a lamppost you like.

If your budget is constrained, compare between the various materials. Aluminum alloy lamp post and PE plastic lamp post are two economical and durable materials.

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III. Summary

Compared to ordinary iron streetlights on the market, plastic polyethylene solar streetlights have more advantages. It emits light throughout the body and has a larger illumination area. At the same time, different models can be designed based on the appearance, resulting in faster production and processing speed. Its waterproof, fireproof, and UV resistant capabilities are also higher than ordinary street lamps, with a service life of approximately 15-20 years. If you want to purchase decorative personalized solar lights, please feel free to contact Huajun Lighting Factory at any time.

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