Led Bar Table

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LED Bar Cocktail Table Wholesale

Our LED light up tables provide venues with a diverse lighting array with 16 color changing options to match the mood or decor of the night. Illuminated furniture creates a spectacular display that brightens up tavern countertops and social lounges. Led Table is powerful way to garner attention at public concerts, pubs, nightclubs, and iseven a great way to spice up backyard patios. We are a famous manufacturer of luminous furniture, with over 17 years of production and design experience, we can customize the style you want. You can get wholesale luminous furniture of top quality and a wide variety of designs. We are the top LED furniture manufacturer in China, and we have created a huge customer base for all countries in the world If you have more artworks or information of your projects to share with us, please send it to br1@cn-brave.com