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The creator of dazzling light: Led Strip Lights Decoration Ideas, creating dreamlike lighting effects for your courtyard. The decorative light strip combines innovative design and is filled with an artistic atmosphere, creating a warm and romantic outdoor environment for you. The outdoor courtyard products of Huajun Craft Products Factory are not only durable and reliable, but also have waterproof and dustproof functions. At the same time, we support customized services and provide you with ultra-low factory prices to take you into a charming and personalized night. Choose our decorative light strips to add unique charm to your courtyard.

  • Product Name: Plug in light strip
  • Model: BR60901
  • Size(mm): 10*10、12*12
  • Length selection: 5meters、10meters
  • Product Detail

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    I.Product Details

    Product Details

    Size(mm) 10*10
    Material Silicon material
    Number of beads 120 lamps/M
    Voltage 24V
    Power 10W/M
    Light effect warm light
    Charging method USB charging
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    2.Product Advantages Introduction

    1. Can create a unique atmosphere

    Decorative light strips can create various atmospheres through different lighting colors and brightness, making the space more warm, romantic, or dazzling.

    2. Enhance the beauty of the space

    Decorative light strips can add beauty to indoor or outdoor spaces, making them more fashionable, modern, or interesting. The shape, design, and placement of the light strip can bring unique visual effects to the space.

    3. Increase lighting effect

    The decorative light strip produced by Huajun Lighting Decoration Factory not only provides additional lighting, but also plays a lighting role in night or dim environments. Light strips can be distributed in different positions to illuminate the entire space or highlight a specific area.

    4. Provide decorative effects

    Decorative light strips can be used for artistic decoration, highlighting specific decorative items such as walls, ceilings, furniture, etc. In addition, we also produce and develop different types of Garden Decorative Lights, such as Decorative String Lights, which can be used to create unique patterns, letters, or images, bringing personalized decorative effects to the space.

    5. Multiple application scenarios

    Decorative light strips can be applied to various scenarios, including homes, businesses, and public spaces. They can be used to decorate living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, shops, bars, hotels, and other places, adding atmosphere and attracting people's attention.

    Overall, decorative light strips have the advantages of enhancing spatial aesthetics, providing lighting effects, adding decorative effects, and being suitable for various scenarios, and can bring unique and personalized decorative effects to the space.

    All products of Huajun Factory are shipped directly from the factory, and the prices are more favorable during the event period; At the same time, we provide customized services to create exclusive light strips for you!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Need help? Be sure to visit our support forums for answers to your questions!

    1. What are courtyard lights?

    courtyard  lights are outdoor lighting fixtures that are designed to light up pathways, gardens, and outdoor spaces.

    2. What are the benefits of using courtyard lights?

    The benefits of using courtyard lights include enhancing the appearance and safety of your outdoor space, extending your outdoor living space, and saving you money on your energy bill.

    3. What types of courtyard lights are available?

    There are a variety of courtyard lights available, including solar powered lights, LED lights, spotlights, string lights, lanterns, and more.

    4. How do I choose the right courtyard light for my space?

    Consider the purpose of the light, the style of your outdoor space, the brightness and color temperature needed, and the desired energy efficiency.

    5.Is there a discount for purchasing courtyard lights in large quantities?

    We are a manufacturer of lamps and lanterns. The prices of our products are wholesale prices, with preferential treatment for large quantities. We offer customers the maximum discounts and concessions.

    6. Can courtyard lights be used indoors?

    While courtyard lights are designed for outdoor use, they can be used indoors in certain situations where a rustic or natural look is desired.

    7. To what extent can it be used?

    This light strip has a wide range of applications and can meet most outdoor needs.


    8.Is this light strip suitable for coastal environments?

    Yes, this light strip is suitable for coastal environments and has anti-corrosion function.

    9.Does the light strip have an automatic brightness adjustment function?

    Yes, this light strip has an automatic brightness adjustment function that can be adjusted according to the ambient brightness.


    10.What is the installation and maintenance cost of this light strip?

    The installation and maintenance cost of this light strip is relatively low, and it can be installed and maintained by oneself.


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         We have our own factory, has more than 17 years of production experience in this industry, our factory has a professional team, from “product research and development, spare parts supply, professional production line, professional quality testing” four key processes layer upon layer check, improve the quality supervision system.

         In terms of packaging, we cooperate with a number of trusted packaging manufacturers in China, and can customize the packaging materials or styles.

         We can meet your wholesale lighting supplies needs, if you need to customize your products, we can well meet your needs

    Production and packaging

    We are a manufacturer of lighting products, and have been in the industry for more than 17 years, we have customized more than 2000 different types of imported plastic lighting products for foreign customers, so we are confident to meet your customized needs.

    The following figure clearly illustrates the order and import process. If you read carefully, you will see that the order process is well designed to ensure that your interests are well protected. And the quality of the lamp is exactly what you want


    We can also design the LOGO you want very well. Here are some of our LOGO designs

    Many of our custom products can further make your space unique by adding custom finishes or applying your backlit brand logo and design on the side or top. We can engrave your logo or print your high quality graphics onto most furniture surfaces and much more. Make your space unique!


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