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The popular induction Solar Garden Street Wall Light perfectly solves the problem of forgetting to turn off the lights and consuming electricity during the day. The solar charging method provides long-lasting lighting for your courtyard at night.

Huajun Lighting Factory supports customization and exchange services, you can purchase with confidence! At the same time, we all ship from the source of the factory, without intermediaries earning price differences. You can purchase affordable and quality guaranteed outdoor garden lights and solar garden lights at Huajun factory!

  • Name: Solar Garden Wall Light
  • Size(cm): 9.8*25
  • Style: Black/White Shell
  • MOQ: 200
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    I.Product Details

    Product Details

    Product Name 
    Adjustable Road Wall Lamp
    Features light controlled sensing, human body sensing
    Shell material  PC+ABS
    Solar panel 5V/3.2W
    LED beads 48 upgraded beads
    Battery 4500MAh
    Color temperature Warm 4000K/White 6000K
    Charging time 8-10 hours
    Lighting duration 24-36 hours
    Lighting range 100 square meters


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    2.Product Advantages Introduction

    A. Fearless of adverse weather

    The waterproof level of the lamp body can reach IP65 professional waterproof, and it can work normally in hot sun, rainstorm, thunder and lightning or snowy weather.
    B. Intelligent light sensing system
    During the day, solar panels absorb light energy and can automatically charge; After the night light control system senses, it can automatically turn on the light. High photoelectric conversion rate, fully charged in 6-8 hours.
    C. Large brand wafer lamp beads
    The outdoor garden lighting produced and developed by Huajun Lighting Factory adopts imported lamp beads from Taiwan, with one lamp bead being stronger than six. The luminous flux of the lamp can reach 900LM, which can easily illuminate 150 square meters.
    D. Adjustable lamp holder
    Our solar street lamp can rotate 180 ° to provide more lighting angles. At the same time, you can freely install the lighting position, and adjust the position to achieve 360 ° dead angle lighting.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    1. What is Solar Garden Wall Light?

    Solar Garden Wall Light is an outdoor lighting device that uses solar energy to generate and store energy to illuminate outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios, and walls.

    2. How does Solar Garden Wall Light work?

    Solar Garden Wall Light converts solar energy into electricity through solar panels and stores it in the built-in battery. At night or in low light conditions, the light will automatically start working and use the stored electricity to provide lighting.




    3. How do I install Solar Garden Wall Light?

    Installing the Solar Garden Wall Light is very easy. Usually, you just need to attach the fixture to a wall or fixed object with screws and make sure the solar panel is facing the sunlight.


    4. How long does it take to charge the Solar Garden Wall Light?

    Charging time depends on the power of the solar panel and light conditions. Under normal light conditions, it usually takes 6-8 hours to fully charge.



    5. Where can Solar Garden Wall Light be used?

    Solar Garden Wall Light is ideal for use in various outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios, porches, walls, etc. It can be used as long as there is sufficient sunlight exposure.



    6. Is Solar Garden Wall Light waterproof?

    The vast majority of Solar Garden Wall Light is designed to be waterproof and can be used properly in rainy weather. However, ensuring proper installation and maintenance can extend the life of the light.



    7. How long does Solar Garden Wall Light last?

    The service life of Solar Garden Wall Light depends on a number of factors, such as the quality and environment of use. In general, a good quality luminaire can last at least several years.



    8. How to adjust the brightness of Solar Garden Wall Light?

    Some Solar Garden Wall Light are equipped with a brightness adjustment function, which allows you to adjust the brightness of the lighting according to your needs. Usually, the brightness can be adjusted by pressing a switch or using a remote control.



    9. How long can Solar Garden Wall Light work?

    The operating time of Solar Garden Wall Light depends on the battery capacity, charging time and brightness setting of the fixture itself. Generally speaking, a fully charged fixture can work for 10-12 hours continuously.



    10. Are there other accessories that can be used with Solar Garden Wall Light?

    Yes, some Solar Garden Wall Light are equipped with sensors, remote controls, and other features to provide a more convenient use experience.



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         We have our own factory, has more than 17 years of production experience in this industry, our factory has a professional team, from “product research and development, spare parts supply, professional production line, professional quality testing” four key processes layer upon layer check, improve the quality supervision system.

         In terms of packaging, we cooperate with a number of trusted packaging manufacturers in China, and can customize the packaging materials or styles.

         We can meet your wholesale lighting supplies needs, if you need to customize your products, we can well meet your needs

    Production and packaging

    We are a manufacturer of lighting products, and have been in the industry for more than 17 years, we have customized more than 2000 different types of imported plastic lighting products for foreign customers, so we are confident to meet your customized needs.

    The following figure clearly illustrates the order and import process. If you read carefully, you will see that the order process is well designed to ensure that your interests are well protected. And the quality of the lamp is exactly what you want


    We can also design the LOGO you want very well. Here are some of our LOGO designs

    Many of our custom products can further make your space unique by adding custom finishes or applying your backlit brand logo and design on the side or top. We can engrave your logo or print your high quality graphics onto most furniture surfaces and much more. Make your space unique!


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