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The dandelion lamp is very popular in the market, and the shape of dandelion adds a sense of freedom to the outdoor. The hollow round ball shape also adds fashion sense to these occasions. At the same time, it can also be used for lighting in the living room and study. The warm yellow light is more conducive to creating a soft and comfortable atmosphere.

Where to buy dandelion lamp?If you are interested in the dandelion floor lamp, you can have a look at our hardware+acrylic dandelion floor lamp.

1. Novel style, elegant and beautiful

This dandelion floor lamp combines the led warm light style to form a sparkling sphere, reminiscent of the fleeting dandelion seed head. Dandelion floor lamp is an ideal choice for restaurants, living rooms, bedrooms, courtyards, foyers, corridors, squares or parks.



2. Material advantages, durability and environmental protection

  • The lampshade is designed with high-quality hardware materials, which are easy to clean, exquisite in touch, high in light transmittance and crystal clear after special treatment.
  • The overall design of the lamp body is creative and fashionable, with unique shape and novel design, which highlights the value and beauty of lighting. At the same time, corrosion prevention and rust prevention, smooth lines, natural fashion sense.
  • The lamp pole design is simple and beautiful, solid and thick to support the lamp body more stably.
  • The lamp holder reaches the national safety 3C certification, which is safe and durable.



3. Factory delivery, 1-year warranty

We are a famous LED lighting manufacturer in China. You can choose the most unique or customized LED decorative lighting products from our stores. Our factory is located in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, and has developed and produced led lamps for 17 years. In the LED lamp industry, master the front-end technology and new supply information.

The quality of led furniture, led stage board and led solar decorative lamps we produce and develop is absolutely up to standard. At the same time, we guarantee that all products have a one-year warranty period. Let you buy at ease and use at ease. Preferential prices make you feel comfortable.


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Post time: Mar-03-2023