Popular rattan solar garden lights

The best rattan solar garden lights can really make a big difference in any outdoor setting. With a subtle warm glow that enhances the mood, it's perfect for social gatherings.

Perfect for an evening meal as night falls to keep the good times going. If garden furniture is accompanied by soft lighting, it really turns the atmosphere into a calming and relaxing experience. With the ability to charge during the day, the solar lights provide a truly beautiful light source at night.

I.Attractive outdoor solar lighting

Funky rattan solar lights add the perfect color to any outdoor space. Hanging on a porch or standing on a table top, this stunning decoration features a charming design and is perfect for decorating a garden. There's a warm white LED, housed within the top of the lantern that shines out through the intricate detail of the rattan structure, creating amazing shadow patterns.

II.Rattan Solar Powered LED Garden Lanterns

When you place the lantern on the tabletop or ground, it can cast a beautiful pattern from the gaps of rattans. Vintage-style design and warm light can create a more romantic atmosphere to decorate your gorgeous life.

AUTO ON/OFF. This large solar bamboo woven lantern is equipped with polycrystalline silicon solar panels and built-in light sensor, auto turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn, which are convenient and saves your cost. Charging for 4-6 hours during the day and illuminating for 8-10 hours at night.

The retro solar rattan lantern is light and durable. IP45 waterproof rating, dust-proof and weather resistant, this decorative garden lights ensures long-lasting performance under most weather conditions. No worries about raining, snowing and frosting, which is suitable for outdoor use. Please keep away from fire or high temperature.

NO WIRES, easy to use. The hanging solar rattan lights can be used as an exquisite night lighting decoration lamp, which can be placed on the tabletop, garden, lawn or hung on the porch, patio, trees, yard, pathway. Even if it does not shine, it is a beautiful artistic decoration. Our solar floor lamp is an ideal gift for families or friends.


III.Outdoor Patio Garden Wicker Solar Lamp

 Compared with similar lights, garden wicker solar lights are of high quality. A gorgeous warm amber glow that lights up your patio after dark. Coordinates perfectly with other garden furniture with wicker effect. This Rattan Woven LED Light is the perfect addition to any home and is extremely durable and strong.

Use solar power to light up the lamp for natural light. This stylish Rattan lamp fits any decor style in both indoor and outdoor venues.

Features: Great for patio, garden, lawn, deck, patio or pool. Lightweight Portable and Energy Saving Safe.

Huajun has developed some inspirational styles with gorgeous appeal. You can use rattan lamps to create an attractive and layered appearance at home. Huajun is a leading LED outdoor garden lighting factory in China, providing various types of lighting for gatherings. We have our own unique insights into the production and development of solar garden lights, garden decorative lights, atmosphere lights, and luminescent flower pots. If you want to learn more about outdoor lighting styles, please feel free to consult Huajun Lighting Factory at any time.

Illuminate your beautiful outdoor space with our premium quality garden lights!

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Post time: Nov-24-2022