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There are many reasons why rattan furniture is so popular. It is a natural material that has been used for centuries and can be very durable when handled properly. Additionally, many people appreciate the fact that rattan furniture does not require any maintenance. It does not need to be painted or touched up when it is scratched or damaged in any way.  Instead, all you have to do is simply sand out blemishes, then apply another coat of paint or stain as desired.

What is rattan?

Rattan is a fiber obtained from the leaves of the Rattan Palm. It is used in the manufacturing of furniture and other items.The rattan grows more than 2 cm per day. To put it in perspective, this means it can grow up to 6 meters per year! Rattan can be fully grown and harvested within two years, compared to some hardwoods which take up to 20-30 years. Therefore, rattan is a completely sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

Rattan is a popular and versatile option that suits a variety of decorating styles. Rattan is strong and durable, naturally waterproof and not easy to fade. It's also light enough to move around with ease. This well-loved material is so versatile that it's a popular choice for homes and gardens, whether coastal, country or urban.


What are the properties of rattan lamp ?

Rattan has several properties that make it useful for making furniture:

It's lightweight: Rattan is lightweight because it's made from thin pieces of wood that are woven together into larger pieces. This makes rattan easier to move around than heavier materials like metal or plastic would be.

It's durable: Rattan is very durable because of its strength and flexibility. It won't break easily or crack if something bumps into it either! This makes rattan great for outdoor use as well as inside your home.

Convey emotion

With its excellent softness, flexibility and workability, rattan can also freely design complex and delicate curves. Its soft and smooth shape gives an impression of elegance and softness that cannot be produced by machines. In addition, the rattan lamps are painstakingly crafted one piece at a time by artisans with the tenderness and affection of the makers.

Huajun have developed some inspired styles with gorgeous appeal. You can create an attractive and layered look in your home with rattan lamps.Huajun is a leading LED furniture lighting factory in China, providing various types of furniture for parties. As a LED lighting furniture supplier, we specialize in the design, production and sales of furniture LED lighting. All our products are shipped directly from China factories to all over the world.

 When buying rattan, you can rest assured of its inherent sturdiness and longevity, but with wicker, the quality of the furniture product will depend on the choice of material.LED Furniture Wholesale And Sales | Leading China Factory Supplier | HUAJUN (huajuncrafts.com)

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