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Outdoor Garden & Lantern Light China Factory - High Quality, Guarantee After Sales

Top LED Outdoor Garden & Landscape Lighting manufacturers, factories, suppliers & wholesalers from China.We provide you with more quality assurance and cheap price outdoor garden waterproof lighting with exquisite lighting and decorative effect. Believe me, Huajun will always be your most reliable long-term partner.


About Us

HUAJUN is a manufacturer of garden lights from China, Over 15 years experience.Specializing in the business of outdoor garden decorative lights, mainly covering garden solar lights , garden decorative lightsambience lightsIlluminated Planters.


We export to more than 50 countries with stable and timely supply (sufficient stock) and reliable quality (QC department). If you are interested in any of our products or wish to customize your products, please contact us. We will do our best to meet your needs.


1.Made in China

All lights are designed, developed, produced and tested from the factory in Guangdong, China. Product quality is strictly controlled.

2.Factory direct sales – lowest price

No middleman, low price. The larger the quantity ordered, the more we can offer you unbelievable super low price.

3.Precision design–highest quality

The raw materials and spare parts of the lamps are all imported materials, and have been certified by CE, ROHS, CQC, UL and so on.

4.Sufficient stock–Transportation is more time-sensitive

Factory mechanization, goods and raw materials supply is sufficient, factory lighting products daily production capacity of about 5000 pieces.

5. Professional cross-border team – better service

We have been engaged in cross-border industry for 17 years, with a professional sales team, to provide you with the most efficient, high-quality cooperation transactions.

6.Support unconditional exchange–protect your rights and interests

All of our outdoor lighting, support unconditional replacement, to better protect the rights and interests of customers.


Outdoor garden lights are a popular addition to any outdoor living space. They are not only adding to the aesthetic atmosphere of your garden but they also provide an extra layer of security to your property. Illuminate and decorate your environment with LED exterior garden lights to add some color to the outdoors. Huajun provides a large number of LED outdoor courtyard lamp styles for your choice. We specialize in the production and sales of: garden solar lights, garden decorative lights, ambient lights, etc. We can wholesale and customize outdoor garden lights in various styles and materials for you, and provide the highest quality after-sales service and technical support.



Customize Your OUTDOOR


We design and manufacture elegant outdoor garden lights that turns any space into a modern masterpiece. In fact, we support custom wholesale to meet your exact needs. If you want to customize a outdoor garden light, we provide top LOGO design and production solutions. We provide various forms of outdoor garden light series: garden solar lights,garden decorative lights,ambience lights and other products.

solar garden PE lights

solar garden PE lights

The raw materials are imported from Thailand, and the plastic polyethylene material lamp housing is waterproof, fireproof, and UV resistant. Different lamp shells give you a different sensory experience. Shipping from the source factory, with discounted prices and support for customization. If you are not satisfied, you can exchange the goods.

rattan garden solar lights custom

rattan garden solar lights custom

PE and rattan lamps are a type of outdoor lamp that is made with a combination of PE (polyethylene) and natural rattan fibers. Compared to other types of lamps, such as metal or plastic lamps, PE and rattan lamps are more lightweight and flexible, which makes them easy to move around and install. They are also more resistant to weather-related damage, such as rust, fading, or cracking, which makes them a good option for outdoor use.Due to their unique texture and design, they are a popular choice for those who want to create a natural and relaxed ambiance in their outdoor areas.

Garden Solar Iron Lights Custom

Garden Solar Iron Lights Custom

Iron art solar lamp with IP65 waterproof performance. The table design, lighting, and daily clutter storage are all available. Unlike other materials of lighting, Huajun Lighting Factory's iron art lighting is more suitable for outdoor space use, fearless of wind and rain, sturdy and durable!

Decorative String Lights Custom

Decorative String Lights Custom

Decorative light strings are mainly used for soft environmental lighting and holiday decoration, which can create a lively and joyful holiday atmosphere and late night lighting. We support custom lighting effects and control methods.

Illuminated Planters

Illuminated Planters

Solar planters with lights, made of plastic polyethylene material, are more waterproof. Built in LED, RGB, can change the color of the light through the remote control.

Music atmosphere light

Music atmosphere light

The music atmosphere lamp is also a specialty lamp of Huajun Lighting Decoration Factory. Not only can it be illuminated, but it can also be connected to Bluetooth to play music. There are various styles such as flower pots, ice buckets, and portable lights, which are both practical and beautiful.


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